M’Kenna Skye

(4 days old) My granddaughter is the most precious thing in life. She is so beautiful, that it makes my heart skip a beat.. Nana luvs her…


3 1/2 Months

Eden Sophia

Sweet baby Eden Sophia – 4 months

Bailee Ann

Bailee Anne – loves posing for the camera =)


6 Months

my funny faced girl

15 Months

18 Months

Eden: Last Spring, Christmas and Now


Abegail at 1 year.. my pretty baby..


Molly 10 months old ♥

Rebekah Elizabeth

The inspiration for this site.  She’s growing up too fast!

Emily Grace ~ 4 Months

Pretty Blue Eyes!!!

Luella Ruth

Beautiful in brown. 🙂

Gabriella Rose

cuuuutest babi evvvvveeeerrrrr!!!!!


My little princess.

Emily Grace

Born November 13, 2009.  She is the sweetest baby!


I like to pretend she’s my “Mini”, but she looks just like her Daddy.


Mommy’s Princess! Cutest and naughtiest baby in the world.

I have the cutest baby on Facebook